Bronx County Medical Society

Bronx County originally was a part of Westchester County. Through secession, and then annexation by the City of New York, the borough of the Bronx was officially recognized in 1898. Through appeals by civic leaders, the borough was accorded county status by the state legislature in 1914.

The Medical Society of the State of New York was organized in 1794 and in 1893, a “Doctor’s Club” was formed in the Bronx and subsequent meetings resulted in the formation of the Medical Society of the Borough of the Bronx in 1900 with 31 members. The Society received its Articles of Incorporation on March 11, 1913. A meeting of Bronx doctors belonging to the Medical Society of the State of New York was held on January 9, 1914. The Society’s first president, Nathan B. Van Etten, M.D., took office in 1914.

Throughout the years, many of our members have held important positions in the health field in New York City. Several were officers in the New York City Department of Health and Lewis Amster, M.D., served as Commissioner of Health in 1918.

As we enter the new millennium, the members of the Bronx County Medical Society will continue to play important roles in the borough’s hospitals and teaching institutions. They will continue to provide the same exemplary health care to the people in the Bronx as they did when the Society was established in 1914.

Peer to Peer Awardees

“Peer to Peer” Excellence in Medicine Recognition Awards Your peers recognize the contributions that you have made to enrich the lives of the patients you care for.