The People Behind the Company

True Professionals

At Bronx County Medical Society, we’re extremely passionate about what we do, which translates into rewarding results and positive physician experiences. Our many years of advocacy, relationship building with our peers and hospital organization affiliates makes Bronx County Medical Society the physicians choice in the Bronx.


PRESIDENT                     Michelle Stern, MD

PRESIDENT ELECT         Nina Huberman, MD

VICE PRESIDENT            Chandana Attoti, MD

SECRETARY                     Vilma Joseph, MD 

CO-SECRETARY              Sarah C. Nosal, MD 

TREASURER                    Thakor C. Rana, MD  

PAST PRESIDENT           Amit Saxena, MD 


Sumir Sahgal, MD

Jitendra Barmecha, MD

Shervin Mortazavi, MD

Neil Herbsman, MD

Chandana Attoti, MD

Gurkan Taviloglu, MD

Keith Collins, MD

Amit Saxena, MD

Vijay Khatiwala, MD

Rikhil Kochkar​, MD


Shervin Mortazavi, MD, Chairman of the Board

David Jakubowicz, MD

Michael A. Pisacano, MD

Realba Rodriguez, MD

Amit Saxena, MD

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