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Dear Friends & Colleagues

These are difficult times for physicians. The Bronx County Medical Society has survived and continues GROWING!

Why Are We Growing? 


  • Physicians in private practice are feeling isolated

  • Employed physicians are feeling less autonomous

  • Reimbursement for clinical treatment continues to decline and overhead expenses continue to rise


We Offer Solutions

We offer opportunities for physicians to unite and have a voice to help change things in a positive way.

We Are A Resource

We are so pleased that our physicians have recognized the great benefit we provide them and the vote of confidence they have placed in our organization.

Ten Reasons To Join BCMS/MSSNY

  1. To give our profession leverage, join BCMS/MSSNY

  2. To help physicians speak with one voice, join BCMS/MSSNY

  3. To make our voice louder, join BCMS/MSSNY

  4. To help formulate our message, join BCMS/MSSNY

  5. To position your practice for the future, join BCMS/MSSNY

  6. To stay on top of new trends, join BCMS/MSSNY

  7. To discover new resources and achieve savings, join BCMS/MSSNY

  8. To stay up to date with state-of-the-art technology, join BCMS/MSSNY

  9. To network with colleagues, join BCMS/MSSNY

  10. To make new friends, join BCMS/MSSNY


2020 Membership

Click on the PDF icon above to download the file

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