17th Annual Doctors'

Recognition Day 

Sunday, May 16th 2021

About The Event

Virtual Symposium, Poster & Peer to Peer Recognition Awards for Healthcare Heroes
May 16 2021
5 pm-7 pm

Hosted by

Bronx County Medical Society


Cesar A. Vera, MD, FACP, FACCP, FACC

Richard Izquierdo, MD

Bronx County Medical Society President

Michelle Stern, MD, FACS

Poster Presentation Chair

David Jakubowicz, MD 

Nina Huberman, MD

Scientific Program Chair

Peter Wyer, MD, FACS

Poster Judges & Advisors

Sarah C. Nosal, MD

Michelle Stern, MD

Sana Bloch, MD

Committee Members

Nina Huberman, MD

Michael A. Pisacano, MD

David Jakubowicz, MD

Sarah C. Nosal, MD

Michelle Stern, MD

Peter Wyer, MD

Why You Should Sponsor?


The 17th Annual Doctors’ Recognition Day Symposium, Poster Presentations & Physicians Exposition is the premier medical and scientific event. As an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to showcase your company at the largest gathering of physicians here in the Bronx, - attracting more than 250 medical and scientific attendees. Don’t miss your chance to mingle with the leaders and decision-makers.

Our marketing plan is already in motion. In additional to our membership, we will target some 4000 Bronx, Westchester and NYC Physicians. We anticipate at least 400 Physicians to attend this event. A limited number of “sponsorships” will be made available. The Physicians Exposition is an excellent opportunity to promote your organization and or your products... Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to support The Bronx County Medical Society and raise your company’s profile in the medical community.

The Bronx County Medical Society is committed to improving your exhibit experience and meeting your business objectives. Exposition 2021 will be virtual this year due to the current pandemic for which we are still under, we will be able this year with technology to provide a wider audience among other counties who may have not had the chance to participate in the past but wanted to, as well as give our sponsors this year a better ROI with being able to connect to more physicians in a way not possible before.

We hope that we can enlist your participation in making this an outstanding event. On behalf of the Program Organizing Committee, we thank you for your continued interest in our Society.


Michelle Stern, MD, FACS

President, Bronx County Medical Society



David Jakubowicz, MD & Sarah C. Nosal, MD -  Bronx County Medical Society 

Chairpersons, Board of Trustees & Member of the Doctors Recognition Day Committee 2021


5:00-6:00 PM


6:00-7:00 PM



To the Physician, the red carnation represents love, charity, sacrifice, bravery & courage

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